If you're like most employers, you know that your employees are your most important asset and safeguarding their health plays a critical role
in their success - and yours.

DOI LIVE is transforming healthcare by providing telehealth services that benefit both employer and employees. Lower costs, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, and immediate and convenient access to quality healthcare are just a few of the many benefits associated with DOI LIVE.


Benefits to your company:

Reduce Your Company's Healthcare Costs

  • DOI LIVE is about the same as a co-pay and a lower cost alternative to ER visits

Client Specific Return on Investment

  • Monthly reports on utilization and productivity savings
  • Target high utilization and redirect employees toward more cost-effective services

Reduce Absenteeism and Increase Productivity

  • 70% of doctor visits are for non-emergency care
  • Employees no longer have to miss an entire day of work to go to the doctor for a routine illness
  • The average DOI LIVE response time is 22 minutes

Increase Employee & Member Satisfaction

  • Access to high quality care when you need it and where you need it
  • Our service is available 24/7/365 days a year

Typical Case Study

Employer Group over 10,000 had the following redirection rates of care saving the company thousands of Rupee's. Successful redirection saves money not only on the healthcare side but employees save money and time too.

The illustration to the right shows where employees would have gone had DOI LIVE not been available to them.

  DOI LIVE Survey:
"If DOI LIVE was not available, where would you have gone?"