Health Plans

To stay competitive, payers need to grow revenue, shrink costs and overcome the challenges the healthcare industry faces today. DOI LIVE is transforming healthcare and enabling payers with an innovative solution that helps address both performance improvement and a strategy for growth.

DOI LIVE is a cloud-based software platform that enables seamless and secure virtual collaboration between patients, medical professionals and plan administrators via voice, video, email and mobile devices. The HIPAA-compliant platform also provides access to real time data allowing an integrated health management approach.


Performance Improvement Benefits

  • Immediate access - anytime, anywhere - 24x7x365
  • Integrated health management through secure DOI LIVE Vault Personal Health Records
  • Improve healthcare accessibility to the insured, underinsured, uninsured, remote and immobile members
  • Advancement of strategic initiatives to get closer to consumers, as well as a platform to extend existing programs and services focused on better health and wellness

Cost Reduction Benefits

  • DOI LIVE is a lower-cost alternative to doctor visits, urgent care visits and ER visits and even lower than some co-pays
  • Shift appropriate encounters to the lowest-cost settings, as well as providing a foundation for accountable care and improved remote monitoring of at-risk patients
  • Increase revenue by growing membership and reducing claims costs
  • Revenue growth, by offering a highly-valued benefit without geographic boundaries